Shouhang Dunhuang Phase I - 10 MW Tower CSP Project

This page provides information on Shouhang Dunhuang Phase I - 10 MW Tower CSP project, a concentrating solar power (CSP) project, with data organized by background, participants, and power plant configuration.

Project Overview

Power Station: Shouhang Dunhuang Phase I - 10 MW Tower
Location: Dunhuang
Gansu China
Owners (%): Shouhang
Technology Power Tower
Solar Resource: 1777
Nominal Capacity: 10 MW
Status Operational
Start Year: 2016

Status Date

Status Date


Break Ground Date 2014
Lat/Long Location 40.083,94.434
Total Power Station Land Area (km²) 1.2


Developer Shouhang
EPC Suncan (Shouhang)
Electricity Generation Offtaker Gansu State Grid Electric Power


Total Construction Cost (2016) 420.00 million
Total Cost USD (2020) $65.58 million
Specific Cost/kW USD (2020) $ 6557.8
Remuneration RMB/kWh 0.30
Remuneration Start Year 2016
Remuneration USD/kWh Deflated (2020) 0.18
PPA or Tariff Period (Years) 20
Concessional Funding or Other Support Asian Development Bank $100 million

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Solar Field Aperture Area (m²) 175375
# of Heliostats (or dishes for dish systems) 1525
Heliostat Aperture Area (m²) (or dish aperature for dish systems) 116
Collector/Heliostat Manufacturer Shouhang
Collector/Heliostat Engineering or IP Owner Shouhang

Solar Field (Receiver)

Receiver Working Fluid Molten salt
Receiver Working Fluid Category Salt
Tower Height (m) 138
Receiver Manufacturer Shouhang
Receiver Model External - cylindrical

Power Block

Nominal Turbine or Power Cycle Capacity 10 MW
Power Cycle Steam Rankine

Thermal Energy Storage

Storage Type 2-tank direct
Storage Capacity (Hours) 15
Storage Description Molten salt

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