Helioenergy 2 CSP Project

This page provides information on Helioenergy 2 CSP project, a concentrating solar power (CSP) project, with data organized by background, participants, and power plant configuration.

Project Overview

Power Station: Helioenergy 2
Location: Écija
Owners (%): Abengoa, Eon
Technology Parabolic Trough
Solar Resource: 2068
Nominal Capacity: 50 MW
Status Operational
Start Year: 2012

Status Date

Status Date July 07, 2021


Expected Generation (GWh/year) 95
Lat/Long Location 37.582,-5.116
Total Power Station Land Area (km²) 1.1


Developer Abengoa Solar, EON
EPC Abener, Teyma
Operator Abengoa Solar, EON
Construction Job Years 600
Annual Operations Jobs 60


Total Construction Cost (2012) € 240.00 million
Total Cost USD (2020) $338.8 million
Specific Cost/kW USD (2020) $ 6776
LCOE USD/kWh (2020) $ 0.31
Levelised cost of electricity with 5% weighted average cost of capital and a 25 year payback period, capacity dependent O&M (1.5% of investment cost per year), deflated from Year_operational using the Worldbank's GDP deflator; if station under development or construction then not deflated (assumed cost year 2020)
Remuneration EUR/kWh 0.27
Remuneration Start Year 2012
Remuneration USD/kWh Deflated (2020) 0.38
PPA or Tariff Period (Years) 25
Support Scheme Type FIT
Policy Support Scheme Real Decreto 661/2007

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Solar Field Aperture Area (m²) 300000
# of Solar Collector Assemblies (SCAs) 360
# of Loops 90
# of SCAs per Loop 4
# of Modules per SCA 12
SCA Length (m) 150
Collector/Heliostat Manufacturer Abengoa
Collector/Heliostat Engineering or IP Owner Abengoa
Collector/Heliostat Model Astro (ET-150)

Solar Field (Receiver)

Receiver Working Fluid Thermal Oil
Receiver Working Fluid Category Thermal oil/organics
# of Heat Collector Elements (HCEs) 12960
Solar Field or Receiver Inlet Temperture (C) 293°C
Solar Field or Receiver Outlet Temperture (C) 393°C
Receiver Manufacturer Schott

Power Block

Nominal Turbine or Power Cycle Capacity 50 MW
Turbine Manufacturer Siemens
Turbine Model SST-700
Power Cycle Steam Rankine
Power Cycle Pressure (Bar) 100
Cooling Type Wet