Dadri ISCC Plant CSP Project

This page provides information on Dadri ISCC Plant CSP project, a concentrating solar power (CSP) project, with data organized by background, participants, and power plant configuration.

Project Overview

Power Station: Dadri ISCC Plant
Location: Dadri

Uttar Pradesh
Owners (%): NTCP
Technology Hybrid, Linear Fresnel
Solar Resource: 1223
Nominal Capacity: 14 MW
Status Operational
Start Year: 2019

Status Date

Status Date December 03, 2021


Break Ground Date 2016
Expected Generation (GWh/year) 14
Lat/Long Location 28.578,77.632


Developer Frenell
EPC Thermax
Electricity Generation Offtaker NTCP


Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Solar Field Aperture Area (m²) 33000
# of Lines 0
Collector/Heliostat Engineering or IP Owner Frenell
Spain, Germany

Solar Field (Receiver)

Receiver Working Fluid Water/Steam
Receiver Working Fluid Category Water
Solar Field or Receiver Outlet Temperture (C) 250°C
Receiver Manufacturer Royal Tech

Power Block

Nominal Turbine or Power Cycle Capacity 14 MW
Power Cycle Steam Rankine